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I am a photographer and videographer originally from the Cascade mountains in Southern Oregon.

My love for photography started out as a hobby and soon became a reality that THIS is what I am meant to do. The idea of making memories into a career, whether it be a home someone is going to purchase or an epic wedding day has inspired me to further my education, to master my craft, and change the lives of others. What I love most about what I do is the fact that it is an ever-changing career. I love the fast-paced environment, the constant upgrades in technology and software and all of the new locations I get to visit along the way!


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Family is…

my inspiration for what I do. I love that everyday and every shoot is unique. I strive to discover and fabricate photos and video from the world I live in and love.

—  Artist Statement

            “When god made the eagle, he gave him the sky as a domain.  The eagle has then nested on the highest crag, where the storms threaten every day.  For food he flies through miles of rain, snow, sleet and wind.  He screams his defiance at the elements, and goes about his own life.  When aroused, he’s a vicious foe to his enemies”. 

            I am the eagle soaring through life, fighting all the elements and using photography and video to share what I see and what I create.  Just like the great Ansel Adams I don’t want to just “take” photos, I want to “make” photos.  By using the great natural elements surround me along with digital technology, I can enhance what I already see and create what I envision.  This is the approach I will bring when working with you.  I want to share this beautiful life with the world .  Life passes us by so quickly…. you must leave evidence behind for the world to see.       


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